Stories from the Stoll's Hotel Alpine, Schönau am Königssee / Berchtesgaden - Anwar Sadat - the shoe pinches.

The shoe pinches !!

February 1978

President Anwar Sadat wanted to ski. The helicopter that was supposed to take him to the Watzmann massif was ordered for the next day.

February 1978: Vacation President Sadat of Egypt and King Hussein of Jordan in "Stoll's Hotel Alpina"

Now the appropriate ski equipment was still missing. Ski pants, overalls, glasses and gloves were quickly found, everything was problem-free. But when the outfitters arrived with the ski boots, the dilemma began.

Already at the sight of the "monsters" the face of the president darkened. And when he was strapped and tried to take a few steps, it was clear from his face that the whole company was on the verge of demolition.

Then the owner Fredy Stoll came up with the saving idea. He, himself a German ski champion, took out his old ski boots from the 40s and presented this curious antique to the president, whose expression brightened up.

The shoes fitted and after a few steps he began to jump with pleasure. He wore the shoes the rest of the day and proudly showed them to all members of his delegation. All problems were solved and the adventure on the Watzmann could begin….

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