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We use regionally produced products in our restaurant. Below is a small selection of our suppliers:

* Game from local hunting, Maxlrain

* Organic fish farm in Resch, Berchtesgaden

* Palmberger butcher's shop

* happy straw pigs

* Planter, Berchtesgaden

* Andi's fruit box, Berchtesgaden

* Greimel press, Laufen

* Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land Chiemgau eG (Berchtesgadener Milch)

What makes a straw pig

Raising pigs on straw is particularly species-appropriate, healthy and painless for the animals, which is why the use of medication is put into perspective. In connection with an extended fattening period that we wanted, the muscular structure develops very well.

The meat is delivered directly from regional suppliers to the butchers' shops, so a fresh and high-quality product can be guaranteed. The customer benefits from the healthy and sustainable premium quality that defines the meat and ultimately the sausage of the straw pig and can consume the product with a clear conscience.

This concept of straw pigs can only work if the farmer is adequately compensated for his additional work. In addition, we guarantee a fixed surcharge on the top price / kg live weight without any deductions through classification and additional weight. We want to promote the traditional farmer-butcher-customer partnership and see this as an opportunity to maintain smallholder agriculture.

Stoll's Hotel Alpina oHG Viabono certificate
Stoll's Hotel Alpina oHG Viabono Certificate Certificate

Dear guests,

and the Stoll's Hotel Alpina in Schönau am Königssee has been heating for the sake of nature since 2010

with our partner

to preserve the region of the Berchtesgadener Land

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