Alfred Krupp in front of the Berchtesgaden town hall - stories from Stoll's Hotel Alpina, Schönau am Königssee

They thought he was the chauffeur ...

Alfried Krupp stands in front of the town hall in Berchtesgaden while the civil wedding of his brother Berthold with Edith von Maltzahn takes place inside.

Alfried didn't particularly like such occasions, so he preferred to spend the time outdoors next to his brand new Mercedes MB gullwing and smoke his beloved cigarette.

The place filled more and more. The word got around among Berchtesgaden residents and tourists that the Krupp celebrity wedding would take place in the town hall.
Then they saw the Mercedes gullwing, which was sensational for the 50s, in the middle of the square. Next to it is the tall cigarette-smoking man in an elegant dark suit and a chauffeur-like peaked cap that Alfried liked to wear in his spare time.
No wonder they thought of him as the driver of the bride and groom.

You quickly got into conversation. Alfried was clearly feeling at home in his “new role” as a chauffeur. He willingly provided expert information about the technical features of the gullwing, how it should be opened, how much horsepower it had, how fast it was or what it would have cost.

They also wanted to know details about his supposed boss, among other things, whether he would pay him a “reasonable” salary, whereupon he said “It could be a little better”.

When you later found out with whom you had actually talked "from you to you", the astonishment was great.
Many have not forgotten this encounter with "the sympathetic chauffeur" for a long time.


Alfred Krupp at the civil wedding of his brother in Berchtesgaden - stories from the Stoll's Hotel Alpine, Schönau am Königssee
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