The natural paradise of Stoll's Hotel Alpina

A wonderful oasis of peace and relaxation in the middle of the Berchtesgaden mountains -
Our unique natural paradise Stoll's Hotel Alpin spread over 12.000 square meters of pure nature !!!

"Nature has to be felt."

 Alexander von Humboldt 

In addition to mighty, old beech, walnut, cherry, birch, Swiss stone pine and tulip trees
you will also find shrubs, perennials and plants from native flora or distant countries:
Japanese fire false cypresses, South African elephant ears, impressive magnolias,
Box trees and our unique Queen of the Night, which blooms several times a year and much more.

The Alpina - a special kind of nature experience
Feel and feel with all your senses ...

... the diverse beauty of our natural paradise.

... flowering and fragrant meadows: daisies, crocuses, spring knot flowers, dandelions, buttercups, lady's slipper, snowdrops, balsam, coltsfoot, knapweed, bluebells, silver root,
Blood loosestrife, mountain meadow hogweed, catchweed, globe flower, alpine roses,
and much more.

... the happy twittering of rare bird species
up to “Hansi”, the capercaillie, who visits us more often.

... the colorful play of colors of many butterflies
all about the fragrant hybrid tea roses.

... scurrying from tree to tree
Squirrel on the prowl.

... the calming hum of the nectar
collecting bumblebees
the blooming ivy and wild grapevine.

Surrounded by original forests, meadows and lush alpine pastures
it is easy to relax and enjoy all the blooming
To find flora and fauna - a real natural haven of calm far from everyday stress!

Visit our natural paradise in the Alpina in Schönau am Königssee
- They will love it!

Your Stoll family and the Alpina team

You can find further unique impressions of our natural paradise Stoll's Alpina below:

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