Mady Rahl's "Champagne"

mady rahl, an "old" friend from Ruth Stoll's days in Berlin, sits at the regulars' table around her usual glass of champagne to enjoy. But what a disappointment! Instead of the usual pommery, she is confronted with an ordinary sparkling wine.

She sips her glass. “Ruthchen, you can't do that to me. The booze tastes terrible. ”Ruthchen to her husband:“ Fredy, please check the cellar to see if you can find another bottle of champagne for our Mady. ”And indeed. Fredy comes with a bottle of Pommery. Mady tries it, and happily notes: "Hmm ... that is of course something completely different."

A little later, when the supposed bottle of Pommery had already been emptied, Fredy Stoll revealed his secret. He had secretly swapped the labels and turned the cheap sparkling wine into a fine champagne.

Mady, who was often in the mood for various rascals, remembered this episode for a long time and endured it with humor.

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